Aquasprint roundup

On Sunday afternoon the junior club traveled to Lisburn, for the final aquasprint gala of the group stage.

Unfortunately Lisburn finished with more points than us but the atmosphere was fantastic there was lots of support from the gallery and the kids had fun.

Most kids produced pb’s and there was a very definite improvement in all swimmers from their very first aquasprint before christmas, which can easily be seen in the quick starts and underwater work.

A special mention need to got to Louisa Humphries, A group girl our only swimmer to win all 4 races! 

The Aquasprint season finishes with a series of finals held on friday the 3rd of June. These last gala decide the promotion/relegation/championship results for the whole year.

We are in the ‘B’ final of Division 1 and if we are to stay in the top division we are really going to have to have the whole team rurn out and swim incredibly well.

Obviously this is a very exciting gala ans we could like to see as much support as possible, red balloons, red t-shirt and anything red. 

We will let you know the venue as soon as possible.

Maria (girls team captain)

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