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REN 96 – open

This weekend sees Danielle Hill travel to Scotland to race in the annual REN 96 open meet in Paisley just outside Glasgow.

Actually she is really going to visit Louise (her sister) who is in Uni in Glasgow…..but what else would you do on a trip to Glasgow but get up and race?
Racing tired is the purpose of the competition, a lot of events (11 – yes ELEVEN) in 2 days at the end of a tough 12 weeks of training. No rest just……Race. 

If you want to see how Danielle gets on keep checking Facebook and here for updates and photos.
Day 1

5 events

7 swims

4 Golds

1 silver

Some tough racing with events (most of them events D doesnt normally do) packed close together & off the back of 12 weeks of hard work and no rest.

Il let D have the last say on how she has got on at this meet. a tough weekend of racing and a meet i suspect we may support as a club in the future